Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Journey Continues...

God has been some amazing things during the last two months.  And the exciting part is that He's not finished yet!!! 

If you haven't seen it yet, follow the link below to watch a brief video with testimonies from WE SPEAK ENGLISH.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

God is Doing More Than We Asked!

Written by Sharon:

Many of our students are at a conversational level in English because they have taken classes at Colombo-Americano, a school that teaches only English.  Yesterday, one of my students called to ask permission to bring one of her teachers to class.  So, her teacher, Belinda, from Colombo sat in on our class.  Belinda is from Ghana, Africa and has lived in Cartagena one and a half years.  As our conversation began, we learned that she had been hearing her students talk about the English classes and she was interested.  But she was even more interested when they told her that we were studying the Bible.  She told us that she misses her small group Bible study back in Africa.  Belinda can speak three African languages, English and is learning Spanish.  She said that she has been to some Spanish churches here, but has a hard time enjoying them because she doesn't understand Spanish very well.  So the idea of finding an English Bible study was very appealing to her.  After a wonderful time together, she rushed off, trying to make it back to her own class at Colombo on time.

Then a surprise - we were at the Wednesday night worship service when suddently Belinda showed up and sat down beside me!  She said the electricity had gone out at the college, she sent her students home and decided to come check out the church! 

God is opening doors in Cartagena.  We praise God that our students are so excited about the classes that they are talking even to their teachers about them.  We are so thankful and thrilled that our students are not only excited about learning English but also that they have been given an opportunity to study God's Word!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What God is Doing!

It is truly amazing when we get to see and hear about what God is doing.  Here are just a few things that we want to share with you...

Yesterday, Sharon had a reader come to class eager to tell her about an experience he had on his way there.  On the street, a young girl walked up to him and said, "Jesús le ama. (Jesus loves you.)"  Then she walked away.  Enough said.  Wow!  That has never happened to him before and it DEFINATELY got his attention!

Another reader excitedly told Sharon that she was sure these classes where provided by God at exactly the time she needed them.  She works at an international company and English speaking auditors came this week.  She has recieved comments from both the auditors and her coworkers about how well she speaks English.  She knows that if they would have come 3 weeks ago (before she started classes with We Speak English), that would not have been the case.  She is SO thankful!!!

Other readers are enjoying the classes so much they are wanting to invite their friends.  Four new readers started last week and there are two more who want to start next week!  Praise God!

Lynette's Arrival!

Wednesday, Lynette arrived safely!  Thank you God!
Lynette, Sharon, Schalee
Iliana and Alicia


Bethany has done a great job of creating an album of pictures (along with descriptive captions)!  You can look at them here:

Thanks, Bethany!  These are wonderful reminders of the awesome things God has done!!!

Catchin' Up

Let's catch up a little on the things God has been doing...

Last Saturday, we had a Going Away Party for Dewanna and Bethany.  Their readers have grown to appreciate them very much and it was a fabulous time together.  As they shared their last words and hugs, they also gave each reader a gift.  Dewanna and her husband, Dennis, had bought Easy-To-Read New Testaments to give to each of the readers.  Praise God!

Then on Sunday, we had NINE visitors with us at worship who have been participating in the We Speak English Project (2 from beginners classes and 7 conversational readers).  And two of them brought a guest!  It was great to eat lunch with several of them after the service and enjoy one last time together before Dewanna and Bethany flew back to Dallas on Monday!

We are SO thankful for Dewanna and Bethany!  They have been a GREAT blessing to our family, the church and the readers! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sharon's Arrival!

We are so thankful for Sharon's safe arrival and anticipate Lynette's arrival next Wednesday!

Bethany, Alicia, Emilie, Sharon, Iliana and Dewanna at airport yesterday!